Take a Fresh New Look at Bible Assessment

Assessment: Exams

Exam sets have been established for each of the following categories:

Exams for Churches

  • Coming Soon

Exams for Missionary Organizations

  • Coming Soon

Exams for Academic Institutions

  • Exam A/B/C/D: Four Year Assessment
  • Exam G/H: 100% Bible
  • Exam I/J: 60% Bible/ 40% History/Theology

Assessment: Sections

Assessment for each exam consists of the following sections:

Old Testament

  • General OT Survey
  • OT Geography
  • OT Timelines
  • People of the Old Testament
  • Pentateuch
  • History
  • Poetry
  • Prophets

New Testament

  • General NT Survey
  • NT Geography
  • NT Timelines
  • People of the New Testament
  • Life of Christ
  • Life of Paul
  • Gospels
  • Letters

Assessment: Norms

Institutionally, exam results are compiled into each of the following Norms sets:

  • National Norms
  • Institutional Norms
  • Custom Settings
  • Individual Scores